vision & mission

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Vision is the ultimate destination - The Mission is the vehicle to take us there

The Vision

God has destined Vinton Baptist Church to become manifest love in the totality of our being.

-A Community filled with ordinary men and women fully grown into the design God envisioned for mature humanity, exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ

-The Word, woven into the deepest levels of our being with cords that bind our hearts together as one, seeks further expression through sanctified thoughts, speech and actions

-An Assembly demonstrating to the world a new character, a spirit of humility, love and oneness coupled with resurrection power, proving the Church is a body inhabited by God Himself

The Mission

In order to realize the vision God has for Vinton Baptist Church we must replicate the Master's model of making disciples through common language, spiritual authority, a relational environment, a reproducible process, and a culture of development.

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